Welcoming a Stellar Seminar Speaker

On November 10th, the Ernest E. Just Biomedical Society hosted Dr. J. Victor Garcia-Martinez from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill for its biannual Seminar Series. Dr. Garcia’s lab is notable for developing a humanized mouse model to investigate HIV pathogenesis, human immunology, and virus-induced cancers. Dr. Garcia was also the 2013 recipient of the Ernest E. Just Award from the American Society for Cell Biology, which recognizes outstanding scientific achievement by a minority scientist. Members had the chance to meet Dr. Garcia and learn from his career path.


Holiday Potluck

What better way to build community and friendships than around the dinner table? Every year, Ernest E. Just members came together to share dishes and stories hailing from around the world. Troubles and turmoil alike were remedied with good food and company. Attendees left with smiles and also a sprig of thyme (or basil).