Pi Day Party

EE Just and Penn Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (PGWISE) teamed up to invite the Penn community to celebrate Pi Day on March 14th.  Amidst the celebration of circles was a fundraiser for the Science Education Academy, Inc (SEA). Founded in 2008 by enthusiastic scientists in the Penn community including former EE Just members, SEA brings hands-on science modules to elementary students in West Philadelphia.

For a small donation, participants had the opportunity to enter any round shaped baked good into a bake-off or judge the entries. This was a fun filled event where people sampled various sweet treats and learned about how to get engaged with STEM outreach in their local community. At the end of the evening, once the ballots were cast and collected, winners in the baking competition received punny Pi prizes.

However, lest we forget, let it be known that in 2017 banana cream reigned supreme!