The Neuroscience Scholars Program is a two-year training program open to underrepresented and diverse neuroscience graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Building on the 30 year history of NSP, the program supports annual travel awards, mentoring, and the professional development of up to 15 candidates known as NSP Fellows.

In addition, all eligible applicants will be invited to become NSP Associates, including those selected as NSP Fellows. The extensive two-year training program provides live events and webinars, a rich library of educational resources, and an online diversity affinity group of NSP mentors and alumni for seeking career connections and guidance. Events, webinars, and resources will focus on career advancement issues, topics related to research process, and cutting edge scientific content.

Features of the NSP Fellows program include:

  • A mentoring team consisting of a senior mentor, a peer mentor, and a member of the Diversity in Neuroscience Subcommittee  to discuss fellow’s research, career plans, and overall experience
  • Two years of complimentary SfN membership
  • Travel award to attend the SfN annual meeting each fall
  • An annual travel award of $1,500 to support allowed professional development activities

For more information and application instructions, click here.